The Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime


1. Return & Reintegration of Trafficked Victims

The objective of the project is to establish a systematic and sustainable cross-border working arrangement for the return and reintegration of trafficked and other vulnerable migrant women and children within the six countries of the Mekong region - specifically Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

The project will seek to assist the return and reintegration of 900 women and children victims of trafficking; strengthen the ability of partners involved, both government and NGO, to provide assistance to victims; and promote the necessary cooperation in the region to successfully counter trafficking through legal, administrative, policy and advocacy measures.

The project commenced in September 2000 and will extend for a three-year period. Estimated cost is approx $A 4.7m. Project staff include three international officers (Team Leader - Bangkok, two project officers in Cambodia) and three national staff responsible for activities in Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

2. Protection of Victims of Trafficking Capacity-Building

This project aims to establish a capacity to protect victims of trafficking, in particular women and children, according to standards established in legislation and ratified conventions in the countries of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. The project aims to achieve this by establishing procedures with regard to the trafficking of people. This will be achieved through the drafting of Memoranda of Understanding (MOU). Manuals will then be developed and training given to ensure an understanding of the MOUs.

MOUs will:

  • Facilitate coordination of efforts to assist victims of trafficking, and define the roles and responsibilities of each partner agency or organisation (who is doing what, who pays for which activity, how are the victims transferred from one entity to the next).
  • State the commitment of Thailand, Cambodia and Viet Nam to work towards the eradication of trafficking in women and children. They will contain guidelines on prevention, protection, prosecution, legislation, repatriation and reintegration. The focus of the MOUs will be on prosecution, repatriation and reintegration, which require cooperation between the country of origin and the country of destination. 

MOUs will be formulated within the basic philosophy underlying the project: a humanitarian approach in the treatment of trafficked women and children that considers them as 'victims' rather than 'offenders'; and the necessary need to 'coordinate' approach, action and assistance.

Cost is $300,000 over 18 months from July 2000.