The Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime

Monday, 20 Jun 2022

The Bali Process Virtual Training Workshop on Countering the Smuggling of Migrants

On Monday, 20 June, the RSO in partnership with the Jakarta Centre for Law Enforcement Cooperation (JCLEC) delivered a virtual workshop on Countering the Smuggling of Migrants.

The workshop was delivered through JCLEC’s Online Delivery Model (ODM) to 23 officials representing Indonesian National Police (INP), the Directorate General of Immigration and the Indonesian Migrant Workers Protection Board (BP2MI).

The virtual workshop aimed to provide participants with national level context on smuggling of migrants including trends, national procedures, and current best practice responses so that participants may be better equipped to respond to incidents of people smuggling and provide appropriate support to smuggled migrants.

The workshop covered three sessions:

  • Introduction to Smuggling of Migrants: Categories and Concepts – delivered by the RSO
  • SOM Trends and Investigative Approaches – delivered by Kompol Dr. Sukardi, S. H., M.Hum., CFCI., CFrA from INP’s Criminal Investigations Division
  • Cooperation in Combatting and Preventing Smuggling of Migrants – delivered by Pak Bagus Aditya Nugraha Suharyono from the Directorate General of Immigration of Indonesia.

Participants took part in a group discussion on irregular migration discussing reasons behind the irregular movement of people and potential consequences when migrating through irregular channels. Participants were also share and learn from other participants about the challenges faced in responding to this crime. The RSO values the willingness from participants to ask questions and engage in the group discussion.

The RSO would like to thank General Aby Nursentyanto (INP Executive Director of JCLEC), Federal Agent Greg Davis (AFP Executive Director of Programs of JCLEC) Kompol Dr. Sukardi, Pak Bagus and all participants in attendance.

The RSO would also like to thank the JCLEC staff and interpreters for their support and efforts to facilitate and ensure the success of the workshop which has brought Indonesia and the RSO closer to our shared goal of combating people smuggling, trafficking in persons and related transnational crime.