The Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime

Thursday, 04 Nov 2021

Biometrics Institute Congress 2021

6-26 October 2021


The Regional Support Office was pleased to attend the  Biometrics Institute Congress from 6-26 October 2021 comprising of 8 sessions on the following topics:

  • State of Biometrics
  • New developments in border management and national security
  • National digital identity and biometrics
  • Biometrics, artificial intelligence and privacy
  • Opening borders and rebuilding safe travel
  • Technology – know your algorithm, your data and your implementation
  • Key considerations for biometric authentication
  • Biometric good practice recommendations

The virtual event also marked the Institute’s 20-year anniversary on 11 October 2021. A special 20-year Anniversary Report was released to showcase how biometrics have made a positive contribution in the areas of privacy and policy; technology innovation; research and development; applications and case studies.

The report is publicly available from the Biometrics Institute’s website.

20-year Anniversary Report | Biometrics Institute