The Ad Hoc Group mechanism, established by Ministers at the third Bali Process Ministerial Conference in April 2009, aims to allow greater responsiveness in addressing situations impacting rates of trafficking in persons and people smuggling on a case-by-case basis.

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11th Ad Hoc Group Senior Officials’ Meeting, 11 November 2016, Colombo, Sri Lanka

The group consists of a smaller membership of most-affected Bali Process Member States to take collective lead on an issue, and maintains a regular program of Ad Hoc Group Senior Official’s Meetings.

The Bali Process Working Groups and the Regional Support Office (RSO) report annually to the Ad Hoc Group.

The Ad Hoc Group’s terms of reference sets out the following aims:

  • to develop practical outcomes at the operational level to assist countries to mitigate increased irregular population movements;
  • to enhance information sharing arrangements between most-affected countries; and
  • to report to Co-Chairs through the Steering Group with concrete recommendations to inform future regional cooperation on people smuggling and trafficking in persons.

Membership consists of sixteen member governments and three Bali Process member organisations, with expansion of the membership directed by the Steering Group.

Ad Hoc Group Members

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