The Bali Process on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons and Related Transnational Crime

Regional Immigration Liaison Officer Network (RILON)

The Regional Immigration Liaison Officer Network (RILON) is an Ad Hoc Group initiative that addresses immigration issues and related capacity building activities.

Since 2009, RILONs have been established in Bangkok, Canberra, Colombo, Kuala Lumpur and New Delhi. Each RILON includes host country agencies and foreign missions located in those countries, and is created to share information on issues related to irregular movements of people by air, including travel documentation, visa issuance, and vulnerabilities at airports.

The RILON concept can be broadened to include other Bali Process member countries by establishing new RILONs and inviting other like-minded, non-Bali Process countries to participate in the forum on a case by case basis, as determined by the Steering Group.

Regional Immigration Liaison Officer Network (RILON) Standard Operating Procedures